Reservation and redemption of air tickets for forum participants sponsored by the organizers will be made with the expectation of arrival in Bishkek on November 3 and departure on November 6 if there are flights available to the required destinations. In special cases, changes are possible. Arrival and departure of local participants from the regions of Kyrgyzstan are also on these days. Following the rules of the Media sabak foundation, air tickets on direct “economy class” routes will be purchased, which are not subject to exchange and return.

Participants sponsored by the organizers are provided with a transfer upon arrival at the airport and for departure from the hotel. According to the established agreement, those arriving at the airport will be met by a driver with the sign Media sabak and taken to the hotel, as well as on the day of departure will be taken to the airport. All other participants must arrange their transportation to the hotel upon arrival and to the airport on the day of departure. Local participants, except for those who arrived from Osh, get to the hotel on their own.

Taxi services in Bishkek:
Yandex taxi, https://taxi.yandex.ru/bishkek/tariff/econom/
Navi taxi, https://navi.kg/landing
Jorgo, 2022, http://jorgo.kg/ru. php
Bishkek taxi, +996 709 976 000; +996 559 976 000, https://bitaxi.kg/ru/
* Expenses for taxi rides are not reimbursed by the organizers. It is important to specify the intersection of streets to reach the location.

Official information about Manas International Airport in Bishkek, http://www.airport.kg/

Passengers must arrive at the airport for ticket check-in and baggage check-in: for international flights 3 hours before the flight departure, for internal flights and flights within the CIS 2 hours before the flight departure. Check-in for FlyDubai and Turkish Airlines flights closes 1 hour before departure, and for flights of other airlines - 40 minutes before departure.

The rules of visa control when crossing the Kyrgyz border are regulated by relevant agreements between the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and other states. The list of countries with which visa / visa-free regimes were established can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, https://mfa.gov.kg/ru/osnovnoe-menyu/konsulskie-uslugi/konsulskie-vizovye-voprosy/izovye-i- bezvizovye-rezhimy

For arrival in Kyrgyzstan, all requirements for those arriving, such as the mandatory presence of a PCR test or a vaccination certificate, were canceled.

Round-the-clock information service of Manas airport:
+996 312 693 109
Registration for the forum will begin on November 4 from 09:00 to 09:30 am. There will be signs in the lobby of the hotel. The forum will be held on the second floor of the Grand Ballroom. To participate in the forum, you must register with volunteers at the registration desks.
The forum's working languages ​​are Russian and English. For participants who do not speak English, translation into Russian will be provided. Participants who do not speak Russian and Kyrgyz will be provided with simultaneous translation into English.
Participants staying at the hotel will be provided with breakfast according to the Novotel Bishkek City Center system.
During the forum, welcome coffee or tea is provided to all participants from 09:00 to 09:30 two days in a row; lunches from 12:30 to 13:30; two tea/coffee breaks between forum sessions and a gala dinner at the end of the second day. For those participants staying at the hotel dinner on the 1st day is provided at their expense. Daily allowances are not provided for forum participants. The hotel has special prayer rooms.

At the time of the Forum, its participants will be provided with access to wireless Internet. To get connected, please contact a hotel employee or try to establish an Internet connection yourself. The hotel rooms have instructions for connecting to the internet.
In the Kyrgyz Republic, the Internet is freely available, there are no restrictions, VPN is not required.

During the days of the forum in Bishkek, dry, clear autumn weather is expected, and partly cloudy. During the day, the air will reach 5-7 degrees, at night it will be minus 1. In November it is quite cool in Bishkek, so please dress warmly.

The official currency of the Kyrgyz Republic is the Kyrgyz som. Due to the sharp change in the situation due to the anti-Russian sanctions, foreign exchange rates are constantly changing. Official rates can be found here, https://www.nbkr.kg/index1.jsp?item=1562&lang=RUS

You can exchange currency at the hotel or at the exchange offices located opposite Novotel Bishkek City Center along Moskovskaya Street and Manas Avenue. Evening exchange offices also operate in the Bishkek Park shopping center located along Kievskaya-Isanova Street; round-the-clock exchange offices operate at the intersection of Moskovskaya and Baitik-Baatyr streets.

The following credit cards are accepted in Kyrgyzstan: VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, Union Pay International, and American Express International. In hotels, shops, cafes, and coffee shops, you can pay with cards. The Russian Mir card is not accepted by local banks.

Novotel Bishkek City Center is a new modern hotel at the intersection of Moskovskaya Street and Manas Avenue. Above the hotel on Manas Avenue, there is the Asia Mall shopping center, below on Kievskaya street, there is the Bishkek Park shopping center. In Novotel Bishkek City Center there is Ants' coffee shop where you can arrange a meeting and drink coffee. Near the hotel is one of the oldest English-speaking schools in Bishkek, on the wall of which there is a fragment from the story of the famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov’s "White Ship ''.
For cultural recreation in Bishkek, we recommend using the information posted here https://sxodim.com/bishkek

We advise you to visit the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after Gapar Aitiev, https://artmuseum.kg/ at the address: Bishkek, Jusup Abdyrakhmanova str., 196. Open from 11:00 to 19:00, phone for inquiries: +996 312 661 544; +996 312 661 624.

Visit the updated National Historical Museum, https://historymuseum.kg/ at the following address: Bishkek, Chui Avenue, 203 (landmark Manas monument is on the central Ala-Too square), it is open from 09:00 to 18:00.

The nearest shopping malls are Asia Mall, https://asiamall.kg/ and Bishkek Park, https://www.bishkekpark.kg/ru
As sweet souvenirs, you can buy Kyrgyz Sonundugu sweets made according to old technology with the addition of some real chocolate in the original packaging available in all local hypermarkets, information about these sweets is available here https://supara.kg/ru/menu/#fb0=25

For a gift, we advise you to look at the Tumar salon, https://www.instagram.com /tumar_shop_kg/ at the Isanov str., 80, Kievskaya-Isanova crossing,
For all questions, please contact the staff of the Media sabak Foundation and volunteers with badges.


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