III Central Asian Conference on Media and Information Literacy

November 3-4, 2022

Mediasabak: create, solve and involve!


it is the place where we discuss innovations that impact our multimedia literacy in the new media age
is the territory of creative ideas and techniques that will help expand the traditional skill set required for the modern media-literate citizen
it is the platform where we talk about the present and future of the interactive matrix in teaching disciplines with MIL elements
Let's talk about the present and future of media literacy in the changing ecosystem of new media
Центрально-Азиатская конференция по МИГ
The Central Asian MIL Conference in Bishkek, starting from the first conference in 2019, has become a respected and authoritative platform where representatives of the scientific, academic, expert, civil society, media experts and trainers, journalists and editors, authors of manuals, teachers and lecturers, students and schoolchildren exchange new knowledge, skills, methods, technologies and innovative approaches for the implementation of MIL. The memorandum on supporting media literacy in Central Asia, signed by partner organizations from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia in Bishkek in 2019, laid the foundation for regional initiatives and joint projects. The Third Central Asian MIL Conference will be a place for the development of new creative ideas and projects to promote media literacy.***
Opening ceremony
Representative of the Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic
Ulanbek Mambetakunov
minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic
Chyngyz Esengul uulu
deputy Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic
Abdyvakhap Nurbaev
ex-deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic
Dr. Gabriela Gellil
ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Kyrgyz Republic
Michael Karhausen
head of Asia and Europe department at the Deutsche Welle Academy
Almaz Kurmankaliev
general Director of the Media Support Center Foundation
Aichurek Usupbaeva
director of the Media sabak Foundation
Christa Prusskij
executive Director Mediakasvatusseuran, Finland, session “Gamification in education: how to get children interested”
Specialist in media and global education, experienced in media sector and media projects, studied media education, cultural anthropology and conducted research in developing countries. Prusskij notes that media education is closely linked to major social issues such as democracy, human rights and climate change. Therefore, it is important to define the knowledge and skills of media education, which must be constantly developed
Stas Khanin
PhD, game designer, Poland, session “Gamification in education: how to get children interested”
Dr. Khanin is a researcher and game designer working at the intersection of two areas: educational technology and critical thinking. Doctoral thesis by Stanislav Khanin is on the development of critical thinking through digital games (play2think.com). His experience includes several research projects on critical thinking, including an OECD study in Russia, and participated in research on inclusive education in Kazakhstan.
Mark Handel
Archaeological Institute, Austria, session Digital citizen: trends in the development of media education
Archaeologist, senior researcher at the Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. The main direction of research is the Upper Paleolithic of Central and South-Eastern Europe. Takes an active part in international research projects in Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates
Sergey Shturkhetskiy
Media expert, Associate Professor, PhD in Public Administration, Ukraine, session Digital citizen: trends in the development of media education
Member of the Council for Freedom of Speech and Protection of Journalists under the President of Ukraine. Chairman of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, a journalist with twenty years of experience. Author and co-author of more than ten textbooks on journalism, media literacy, and effective communication, some of them translated into Kyrgyz, English, Russian and Kazakh
Maira Zeinilova
Project coordinator, France, session “Gamification in education: how to get children interested”
Gender equality and women empowerment expert; participated in the implementation of various programs to empower women economically, eliminate violence against girls and women, increase women's participation in political life at the decision-making level

Azat Ruziev
Сo-founder of Bashta Telegram channel, Kyrgyzstan, session Digital citizen: trends in the development of media education
Video and podcast trainer, collaborated with BBC, France Press, Current Time, Economist, NPR, Associated Press, Kloop.kg
Ravshan Eratov
Spiritual Administration of Muslims, Kyrgyzstan, session “MIG in Religious Educational Institutions”
Head of the Education Department of the Muftiate of Kyrgyzstan, trainer on countering radical extremism, author of textbooks and guides for madrasah students

Melita Muratbekova
Toktogul Boarding School Lyceum, Kyrgyzstan, session “MediaStation Unleashes Creative Skills in students of schools”
Alumni of the MediaStation 2022 Summer Camp on Media and Information Literacy, student of the Toktogul Regional Boarding School in Karakol
Duman Smakov

Editor-in-chief of Factcheck.kz, Kazakhstan, session “Gamification in education: how to get children interested”
Master of Social Sciences, journalist and media manager. Area of ​​research: journalism, anti-crisis communications for NGOs, effective management of NGOs, fact-checking, MIL, digital literacy and cybersecurity, combating and methods of combating hate speech, media laws, and more

Kunduz Zhekshen kyzy

Program Specialist of the "Media sabak" Foundation, Kyrgyzstan, session “Overview of the development of school lessons with MIL elements in Kyrgyzstan”
Alina Bajenova
Editor of Europe Plus Kyrgyzstan, moderator of panel and special sessions, Kyrgyzstan
Editor of Europe Plus Kyrgyzstan radio station, radio host and public speaking trainer

Almaz Ismanov
Founder of the Prevention Media & Incredible Osh platforms, moderator of the session “Digital Citizen: Trends in the Development of Media Education”, Kyrgyzstan
The main field of activity is the prevention of hate speech, extremism, radicalism and terrorism in the media environment; support for interfaith dialogue in the media; promoting art activism and the creative media industry; development and support for the dissemination of media, information and digital literacy in Kyrgyzstan. Actively promotes the principles of MIL in Kyrgyzstan

Speakers of the panel sessions

Disinformation and manipulation as a challenge to democracy

Daria Osmanova
Center for the Development of Modern Journalism, Uzbekistan
Co-founder and Deputy Director of the NGO "Center for the Development of Modern Journalism of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Media monitor and member of the team of game content coordinators in the BRYCA project.

Ivan Pechischev
ANO “Commonwealth of New Media Educators”, Russia
Associate Professor at Perm State National Research University, media trainer, specialist in educational and multimedia technologies

Snezhana Tsoi
International Center for Journalism MediaNet, Kazakhstan
Head of educational and research programs at the International Center for Journalism MediaNet. Factcheck resource coordinator Factcheck.kz

Ionut Codreanu
Active Watch Association, Romania
Media manager with 18 years of experience in media and civil organizations, successfully implementing projects to support independent media in Romania within the program activities of Active Watch Association
Nguyen Tuy Mien
Youth magazine " Thanh Niên", Vietnam (online)
Journalist of Youth Newspaper, covers issues of interaction between science and the environment, development of local communities, Impact Media Fellow of the Singapore International Foundation, Jefferson East-West Center
Republican public organization "Gurdofarid", Tajikistan
Fact-checker and podcaster, also a media trainer. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the first fact-check platform in Tajikistan called Factcheck.tj and co-author of the youth platform ZiraMedia.
Media monitoring specialist and game content coordinator at the BRYCA project - Qlever.asia (2020-2022).

Davaa Amgalanbaatar
Mongolian Education Alliance, Mongolia
Coordinator of the program for the development of children and youth in the public organization Mongolian Educational Alliance in Mongolia. For more than five years, Amgalanbaatar has been actively promoting MIL in the educational sector in various projects and programs, involving young people in its projects
Aichurek Usupbaeva
"Media sabak" Public Foundation, Kyrgyzstan
Director of the Media sabak Foundation is a nonprofit organization that implements projects to support media and information literacy and promotes the development of civil society through the prism of education.

Speakers of the panel sessions

Digital Citizen: Trends in the Development of Media Education

Bambazhargal Ayushzhav
Founder of the Faro Foundation, Mongolia
The Faro Foundation is supported by the eponymous educational center, one of the largest online language training schools in Mongolia. The name of the fund comes from the Spanish word "faro", which means "lighthouse". The Faro Foundation promotes educational reforms in Mongolia

Valeriy Ivanov
President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, Ukraine
Doctor of Philology, Head of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Author of more than 500 scientific papers, including 30 monographs, 10 textbooks and 26 teaching aids, as well as articles published in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

Flora Graioni
Associate Director of ERIM, France
Expert in international development, for the last 15 years she has been successfully leading the development of media, media information literacy and civil society in Eastern Europe, the CIS countries, North and East Africa and the Middle East.

Gulmira Artykbaeva
Republican Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Pedagogical Workers, Kyrgyzstan
Head of the Center for Innovative Technologies for Advanced Training of Language Teachers of the Republican Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Pedagogical Workers of Kyrgyzstan

Gulnaz Isaeva
Deputy Director of the State Commission for Religious Affairs, Kyrgyzstan
Author of numerous analytical articles on the role of women in religious communities and Islam in a secular democratic society. Isaeva has successfully implemented a number of projects in partnership with local and international organizations in the prevention of extremism and radicalism.
Kutbiddin Mukhtori
Professor at the Tajik National University, Tajikistan
Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Press at the Tajik National University. Trainer on interactive teaching methods. Trainer at the international program "Development of critical thinking through reading and writing". Author of more than 50 scientific articles and textbooks
Barno Tursunalieva
Republican Center for Education, Uzbekistan
Head of the Department of Philology and the Center for the Development of Foreign Languages of the Republican Education under the Ministry of Public Education

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